A look at the Buffalo Soldiers. Imagine a post-civil war world where the final frontier is the way of the world for America. Westward expansion came to a halt once the Native American tribal lands were trespassed upon. Natives put an end to the majority of the European expansion so in 1866 Congress decided to create 4 new Cavalries 2 of them to be all African American. Equipped with weaponry and secondary tactical gear, a horse, a few dollars to last you the entire month on the frontier was the life of a Buffalo Soldier. The origin of the Buffalo Soldier name came from the Cheyenne.  A scouting and security detail for white sutlers was provided Trooper John Randle when all of a sudden he was confronted by 200 Dog Soldiers of the Cheyenne Nation. The fight was on! Before the fight was called off by village Chiefs, Trooper Randle had killed 12 Dog Soldiers. The legend grew as the “Wild Buffalo Man” was seen. Fought like a cornered buffalo whose intensity rose as more blood had flown, his skin was darkened by the sun, and lastly his hair was that of wool. Sent to put in work across the frontier for us to get to where I live today in Los Angeles. Buffalo Soldiers were the special forces of their time. Not written in history and for that reason I keep it alive!

Buffalo Soldier Brew. Oh boy this stuff is too much fun! My Brother and I have created a science behind the perfect Apple Pie Moonshine. Its a sweet apple heavy cinnamon and delicious rum! We also have a grape version of the Brew that only comes out in the summer. It’s great with a nice white grape pulp. It’s purple in color and very potent made with high volumes of spirits and everclear. This can only be bought in person and is an extremely high commodity.

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