A message to my younger self.

To my younger self,  

You wouldn't imagine how talented you'd be in the future yet at some point you'd just want to trade it all away so that you'd have more heart and discipline. Blessed with a sixth sense for many things. Visions you'll never be able to explain and only learn how to channel as you get older. You might have some great friends you might have even greater enemies. You'll be the talk of the town and that will enable you to become humble and teach you to choose your words wisely. 

That guy you call your Father is the coolest person on this planet. He doesn't raise his voice to get his point across. He will drive you every day to school in his red BMW and kiss you goodbye before you exit the car and head to school. He will keep you old school; giving you vintage electronics that were state of the art 15 years previous. For that reason you will learn to appreciate the smaller things you have and learn how to rig electronics. A black and white TV made you want to visualize in color. 

Your Mother is a true angel on earth and it's not just because of her medical skills and knowledge, she truly is.

Your Brother is more talented, smarter, and more down to earth than you so you're set.

Your education will come easy to you. A low latent inhibition with attention to detail. There will be a kid by the name of Angel Golightly who will take your brand new Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball gloves because your ass left them in the baseball dugout. .