Lets Crunch some numbers real quick!

$100 T-shirt Design with 2 revisions  Text only, Freehand

$100 Hourly Rate for Print Designs (just choose how many hours you want me to work on it)

  1. Simple logo design
  2. Average logo design
  3. Complex logo design
  4. Ultimate logo design

And also choose from style trends:

  1. Tattoo / Black and Grey
  2. Retro & Vintage
  3. Streetwear
  4. Subculture
  5. Typography
  6. Heavy Illustration
  7. Hand-Drawn
  8. Horror and Gore
  9. Military

$125 Hourly Rate for Web and Multimedia work.

I require a 50% deposit. If you’d like to work out a different program for payments we can create a custom system of payments. Previous ways in example were 33% deposit followed by 2 more installments of 33% of the overall pricing. For major projects and payments we can do a 25% x 4 installment program. You get about 3 different looks selecting one is imperative. Once you’ve chosen one I will expand and build on that concept and create a generated product that’s digitized and ready for any type of application.


If you’re a major corporation who would like to pay the bill within 30 days that’s perfectly fine. Contracts are welcomed.

I am a design assassin for hire. If you so decide to buy my services and labor just submit a WFH or “Work for Hire” contract to my e-mail with a follow up phone call.


Kill Fees do apply to artwork and concepts that will not be used. If you do decide to use the concepts and designs additional fees a apply to make sure no one else will use your artwork generated.



If you want to contact me. Contact form 7. I will respond to your email directly with a couple sketches once the brainstorm session is complete. I can list a few previous clients as well. We can talk about money later.


Here is where you can contact me and I can create a campaign for you. I can help your vision by putting it into action. Along the way I will help you create a working knowledge for your product thru research and development.





Creating a working concept is always the first step to a successful business. Whether it be a clothing line, martial arts dojo, or food product line. I want to help you create a brand direction that will have make you succeed because you alone are proud of your logo, type, and colorway.




I believe in being instrumental in whatever campaign you have going on. In my case I can create something that’s memorable. Using a fresh take on what’s in style and what the market is putting out there I can create a working image for your company. I understand you don’t want to be like everyone else. So creating something youre following or customer can relate to, something that would leave an impression. It’s a visual identity that you’re looking for when branding. And every time someone sees your logo it adds up to the solution of consistency and hard work when it comes to your company image.

Certain things I believe each company should have is a professional presentation, great work, be no more than a click away, recognizable clients, and a target market. I try to draw something in a new style or experiment with an unconventional layout.




I operate on a 100% legally artworking passion. Parodies and Spoofs are fine but it’s not worth to be in a legal battle over it. Section 107 in Copyright Laws for the United States are stipulations I do follow.


The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of

commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes


The nature of the copyrighted work

The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted

work as a whole


The effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work.