These are some sketches I did on paper and threw it into photoshop and added highlights and overlays for many companies' logos. I enjoy this method. This is something I've learned from Dan Chase over in the UK. His stuff is really good. I traded e-mails with him and attained this knowledge in a matter of a couple months. This is my go to method. It's fun to do black and grey work in this method. My main subject matter tends to be Vintage. 


It all started off with the meaning of how the Mason's built our Country off of a level and a compass. So I turned it into humanities of Native American genocide and African American enslavement. Where that is what build this country. The feathers and brush lashes..


$100 T-shirt Design with 2 revisions  Text only, Freehand

$100 Hourly Rate for Print Designs (just choose how many hours you want me to work on it)

  1. Simple logo design
  2. Average logo design
  3. Complex logo design
  4. Ultimate logo design

And also choose from style trends:

  1. Tattoo / Black and Grey
  2. Retro & Vintage
  3. Streetwear
  4. Subculture
  5. Typography
  6. Heavy Illustration
  7. Hand-Drawn
  8. Horror and Gore
  9. Military

$125 Hourly Rate for Web and Multimedia work.

I require a 50% deposit. If you’d like to work out a different program for payments we can create a custom system of payments. Previous ways in example were 33% deposit followed by 2 more installments of 33% of the overall pricing. For major projects and payments we can do a 25% x 4 installment program. You get about 3 different looks selecting one is imperative. Once you’ve chosen one I will expand and build on that concept and create a generated product that’s digitized and ready for any type of application.