I can tell you how much the world weighs.

I've been carrying it on my shoulders for some time. I believe that visual language is the best way most learn. I personally was in front of the camera at an early age. I won video of the year at Current TV when it was a really good channel similar to VICE. After that I was hooked on creating my own campaigns and work. I saw that showing gratitude through creating video works for clients and friends was the easiest way of getting praise or trade work. I traded videos for skills!

A look at the Metalbrush Project

In the perfect evolution of Tattooing going Mainstream Artists have to find new mediums to keep their name and art alive. Ultimately it's Fine Art.

10H Outfitter Films

I submerged myself in the Old Western Lifestyle. I've been blessed to create with some of the coolest Gunfighters and Cowboys around. Some are highly talented and creative to the point of legendary. Here's a look at some of their works and the up and coming feature film Buffalo Soldiers: Legacy.